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The story of 

Choeur de Chambre du Québec

Since its launch in May 2010, the Chœur de chambre du Québec has set itself the main objective of participating in the development and creation of the choir repertoire in French, through the interpretation of original works that combine texts from contemporary French-speaking authors to new musical compositions. With its 16 high-calibre choristers, it aims to enrich Quebec and Franco-Canadian musical heritage. Thanks to the quality of its achievements, the Choir succeeded in attracting the attention of America and France to its mission.



The Chœur de chambre du Québec mainly performs Canadian and Quebec works, as well as some French works. Its repertoire list includes a significant percentage of works in French, including several compositions by its artistic director, Robert Ingari, as well as other compositions by choristers. The ensemble undertakes not only to continue to create new repertoire of works in French, but also to distribute its repertoire abroad.


The director

Composer, choir director and professor at the University of Sherbrooke,Robert Ingariis internationally recognized for the quality of his work and his great musicality. He is currently writing one of the first books in French on choral singing rehearsal techniques, which is scheduled for publication in the summer of 2023 by ÉDITIONS JFD. To find out more about his work and his career as a choirmaster, visit

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Les choristes

Béatrice Baillargeon, Ariane Duclos, Anne Hébert
Marie-Élène Lamour
eux, Caroline Simard

Rebecca Charland Nadeau, Marie-Claude Élias,
Julie Dufresne, Eun Jung Park, Isabelle Ricard

Jean-Charles Côté, Jean-Cristophe Duhamel,
Mathieu Jean, Jean-Luc Poulin


Martin Dagenais, Francis Martel-Filteau,
Antoine Savage


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